Friday, January 4, 2008

New from Dark Eden: Midori Hair

Etain has made yet more hair. I'm really liking this hair and just look at all the cool gadgets she stuck in it! This looks good dressed up or punked out and like everything at Dark Eden, its very affordable.

The hair comes in "packs" of colors -- Maiden is the blondes, Mother is the reds and Crone are the brown/blacks. The color packs are L$150 and the fat pack is L$300. Now I know some of you are going to want to buy just one hair but we aren't going to sell just one. You have to buy three and you get it for the same price that most folks sell one color for. But its not *just* three colors. Its three colors, with three different hair ornament colors, and with and without a facelight. That's 9 different looks (or 18 total versions) in one of the color packs for only L$150. The Fatpack is done similarly, with 27 different looks (or 54 different versions) for only L$300.

As always, Dark Eden products are Mod/Copy/No Transfer. To arrange to send this as a gift, please contact Vivianne Draper directly in world. To get to Dark Eden, either type Dark Eden into search or click on this SLURL.

And don't forget to join us this weekend at the Dark Eden Girl of the Month Party. This will be the last Dark Eden Girl of 2007 she, like all the other girls of the month, will be eligible to participate in the Dark Eden Girl of the Year contest coming up soon. Also we will have the new rule up soon for the 2008 Dark Eden Girl of the Month Party -- they'll be available at the party this Saturday. The fabulous Trinala show on RadioRadio will be broadcasting live from the party. So....

What: Dark Eden Girl of the Month Party
When: Saturday, January 5, 2008, 8-10pm SLT
Where: The Yume Club on the Dark Eden Sim (go to Dark Eden and use the teleporters)
Who: YOU!