Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whats new @Fuel


Fuel fuel fuel fuel fuel Freeebies!

Happy fashcon rez dayyy ( which was yesterday , I just had to sleep, so couldn't update blogs!!!!)
My leggings seem to be sooo popular , so I've braved my oddly lagged sl and brought out 2 pairs of FREE leggings!

* One for the cheeky minx's on valentine's and one just for those who have a legging fetish!!!!
Oh and you better wear something ontop like a thong or shorts , unless you want to see some
naughty ness hehe!

* And onto the Stitched Leggings for the more gritty people who cant stand V day!! :D

And in 2 layers!

So Pop down! Leggings are right in front on the table surrounded by all the light heheh.

Here's a little picture so you all know what your getting!!

Scoffs all the rezz day cake!!! \O/