Sunday, January 6, 2008

.:[AnaLu]:. *5* female poses (58-77)

After some research, I tried to do a high fashion and fado related set. I am still working on the fado inspiration and still doing research for high fashion poses. Anyways, I like them enough to release them:

This set is priced at 1250 L$, individual poses are priced between 50 L$ and 75 L$ and permissions are Copy / No Modify / NO Transfer.
The poses are being sold at the usual places:

.:[AnaLu]:. @ Stellar Isle | .:[AnaLu]:. @ *fuse
.:[AnaLu]:. @ OnRez

SLShopper ad

Seems that people are having a hard time finding my poses in-world.
The location is Stellar Isle is 98, 33, 24 but the sim has a landing point in front of Stellar Designs store where you will find a directory to stores at the Isle. The easiest way to find it, it to TP through the SLurl and then fly to the red line on your screen.
In fuse, my poses are inside the mainstore, sort of hidden at the back of the store, behind the new releases. Later today, I will place the new poses also in fuse.