Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's New@ GHOST!

First Launch On OnRez

Yay! I am dead tired but finally, finally! ^^
Finally, this is my first release for GHOST! However, everything is only available on OnRez at the moment; hopefully, i will find a store in-world soon.<3>


First Official Launch: [White Blood]

[White Blood] is a set of white/grey-ish dresses with different wearing options: first, under chest like babydoll dress, but its more puffy; second option in to wear it below stomach, it is good as a semi-formal dress. The sculptie neck piece gives a completed effect to the whole outfit.

4 different optional system skirts and 1 leggings to mix and match with anything you like.

Thumbnail for the systemskirts and leggings options.

Here comes the freebie: [Prison Tights]
Just a pair of weird tights that i really like. (comes with different sizes of sculptie bits)

Even though i will get busy after New Year holiday in reellife (for sure >3<), but i hope i can release something at least once a week, i will try to keep up the pace of releasing.

All items are No Transfer Only. That's it for today, next release is coming soon! Ciao <3